Reagan Confidant and Wall Street Insider Launches Urgent Presidential Election Mission:

“On August 25th I’m Revealing the Technique that Insiders Have Repeatedly Used for the last 10 Presidential Elections to Reap 247%, 381% and even 619% ...”
And if you use this simple strategy before Sept. 26 you could see gains as high as 510% – no matter if Trump or Hillary wins.
Read on for the urgent details…
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Dear Reader,

David Stockman, here. That’s a much younger picture of me above, sitting next to Ronald Reagan.

I had just finished two terms as a Member of Congress when it was taken...

Reagan and I had many one on one meetings in the White House like that over the years when I was his budget director.

I was also his presidential debate rehearsal sparring partner in the ‘80 and ‘84 election (I played Jimmy Carter in ‘80 and Walter Mondale in ‘84).

After that, I went on to spend decades as investment banker at Salomon Brothers and as a partner at some of the largest private equity and investment funds in the world.

But this letter isn’t about reminiscing about my time deep inside Congress… the White House… or Wall Street.

It’s about you… your money… and an urgent threat and opportunity around the corner.

You see, every four years, during the presidential election season, select money managers and insiders use one technique to book big gains triple digit gains in short order.

It doesn’t matter who wins the White House or what your political affiliation is…

And the same thing will happen this election season – especially in this one.

Huge triple-digit gains or more will be made by a few who use this technique… while flat returns or big losses will be realized by those who don’t.

This one method has worked routinely in the months before and after the past ten presidential elections going back to the 1970’s. Take a look at some of the gains booked in election years:

And I fully expect that big, triple-digit gains will be made this election year, too…

Except there’s a very different dynamic in play right now. One that you’ll need to know about if you’re going to decide to use this technique to invest properly...

It could still lead you to triple-digit gains… but send markets crashing in the process.

Which means you’re going to have to take some very specific steps right now, before we get into the throes of the general election.

How do I know?

Because I’ve learned this technique firsthand over the course of my 40 year career.

One that spanned two terms serving Michigan as a member of Congress. I’ve been a deep-insider during two historic presidential elections. In 1980 and 1984, I was Reagan's debate rehearsal sparring partner (I played Jimmy Carter in ‘80 and Walter Mondale in ‘84).

I’ve spent years in the White House as President Reagan’s Budget Director...

And decades as investment banker at Salomon Brothers and as a partner at some of the largest private equity and investment funds.

And I can tell you that most individual investors don’t use this simple tactic during election season -- probably because no one’s ever told them about it.

That’s why this is so important…

Trump vs. Hillary is the most uncertain presidential election since 1912, when Teddy Roosevelt started the Bull-Moose party.

And this uncertainty is going to cause A LOT of market volatility and losses for investors -- maybe you -- in the next few weeks.

But that won’t be the case if you understand this one proven election season secret. The one that’s worked in steady and volatile times. In Republican landslides… and Democrat sweeps.

In fact, if you use it before Sept. 26 you could potentially see gains as high as 150% instead of losing money.

You can even use the technique again in the months right after the election is over to generate more gains of as high as 510%!

Again, this method works no matter who wins the White House.

I’ll explain how during an urgent live training event I’m hosting next Thursday, August 25th, at 7pm, EST.

I’ll be broadcasting this FREE video feed live from my home in Aspen, Colorado where I’m head-down right now... working on election season market research.…

Here’s what makes this so urgent…

Only a few weeks after our broadcast -- on Sept. 26th -- an event will probably close the window you have to use this election investment secret.

And there are two things you need to know before that…

  1. What this proven presidential election investment technique is…
  2. And the once-in-a-lifetime chance (that’s safer than how most investors typically buy stocks) to use the “secret” for as much as 150% or more as Trump, Hillary or maybe even a third-party candidate fight for the White House.


As soon the calendar reads Sept. 26… it will probably be too late for most investors. Election season losses will likely start rolling in, too.

Markets could start reeling as this contested election causes investors to withdraw their money and sit on the sidelines until there’s more certainty about where the country’s headed. All of that money flowing out will mean a decline in stock prices.

But that doesn’t mean you just have to sit on your hands for the next four months.

Times of market volatility are the best way to make big gains in financial markets…

And this election season technique is the way to do it.

It’s strategies like this -- ones I’ve learned after four decades of insider status in both Washington D.C. and Wall Street -- that have led my readers an excellent 5/6 closed recommendation track record over the past year.

We’ve shown our readers the chance to turn the wild, gyrating stock market into annualized gains of…

That’s why I’d like you to join me for a live and urgent election season training event.

It’s a time-sensitive, video training broadcast next Thursday, August 25th at 7pm, EST.…

The information and strategy to prepare and potential profit big using this election strategy will be revealed for free during it.

Please read the details of this event carefully…

Event Details

It’s free to signup (even if you can’t make it on Thursday, please still sign up. We’ll be replaying the broadcast for you afterwards. But only for those who RSVP right now.)

For reasons I’ll explain, we have to limit the RSVPs today to just 2,000 out of 300,000 readers.

Those who attend will be able to ask questions about this strategy, the election and much more. We’ll answer them during the live training...

So, if you’re at all concerned about this election’s impacts on markets… who will be president... whether or not stocks are going higher, or ready to crash… or whether you just want a strategy that takes the guesswork out of investing over the next few months and helps make money...

And if you want to hear why I believe you stand the chance to triple your money over the coming months using this strategy I’ve learned over my four-decades...

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David A. Stockman

Former Congressman, Reagan Budget Director and 20 Year Wall Street Veteran

August, 2016